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Gypsies, Nomads, Vagrants, Bohemians …. the cultures of wandering souls who have restless feet and eyes which are always looking to the next horizon.  How did I end up just like them?  Well … I think a lot of it is genetic.

I have a treasure trove of  ancestors who eagerly awaited their next adventure and were lured to faraway places.

The Mayflower Compact by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (Public Domain)

The Mayflower Compact by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (Public Domain)


  • The younger son of a titled gentleman in England who came over to the New World on the Mayflower to seek his fortunes
  • Two Great + Grandfathers (one paternal & one maternal) who immigrated from Wales in the 1830’s to begin new lives in the American mid-west
  • A Paternal Grandfather who joined the US Army as a Pilot and then flew with the English Royal Air Force in World War One because the US didn’t have planes
  • A Maternal Grandmother who was part of the first group of newspaper journalists to enter Russia after World War Two
    Newspaper Journalists in Russia the early1950's

    Newspaper Journalists in Russia the early1950’s





From both my father & mothers lineage … I have a rich heritage of people who wanted to see more of the world.  And with an overabundance of Welsh in my DNA … I think the nomadic lifestyle is just too deeply ingrained for me to ignore.

My travels started at a very young age.  My father had his pilots license and use to take us up in a plane when he was logging hours.  I really cannot remember when my first plane ride was … I just know I grew up flying around Ohio, the US and finally to Mexico … and loved the take-offs and the landings.    I anxiously awaited the tingling in the stomach at takeoff, which feels a lot like a Roller Coaster, and always hoped it would last longer than it ever did.

Which brings us to The Travelers Pen … with a love of writing and of adventure, I hope to bring all of you along with me on some fantastic journey’s.  I plan to write about trips taken in the past, trips planned for the future, thoughts and insights about where I am and where I have been.  I look forward to having you along!



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